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If you are considering pre-owned instruments whether HPLC, UPLC or mass spectrometers, consider investing in Waters Certified Pre-Owned instruments.

Eliminate searching for the best price on the web. Eliminate concerns about the quality or history of the instrument, while still matching the goal of stretching your capital budget dollars. Waters outperforms used instrument dealers, and assures that chromatographers get the highest efficiencies by using Certified Waters instruments.

See how scientists are saving money—while saving precious time—with Waters Certified Pre-Owned instruments. view our webcast

Confidence in Product History
Only Waters can know the real history of the instruments you are evaluating. Others might have some supporting documentation of where a product "may" have been used.  Waters has the documentation of the real history of each of their pre-owned instruments.

Performance Guarantee by Original Equipment Manufacturer
Do you know what the Waters manufacturing specifications are of each instrument?  Waters does.  Do you know the availability of the instrument and parts enhancements that have been made over the years?  Waters does.  Do you know the price of peace of mind when purchasing used instruments?  Waters Certifies it.

Best Return on Investment
Within months of starting up a Waters Pre-Owned instrument, most have recovered all of the “perceived initial savings” of the used instrument they considered from a dealer or private party. You will immediately begin to maximize your return on investment with a fully supported, fully updated Waters Certified Pre-Owned instrument.

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