TA Instruments Introduces Three New Dilatometer Lines

TA Instruments Introduces Three New Dilatometer Lines

TA Instruments is pleased to introduce three new Dilatometer product lines to the successful 800 platform:

the DIL 820, the DIL 830, and the ODP 860. Each of these instruments feature TA’s exclusive True Differential technology, resulting in measurement accuracies that are 10 times better than the closest competitive system and reaffirming TA’s position as the technology and global leader in thermal analysis.

The three new lines of dilatometers are based on patented optical sensors that can analyse samples with a resolution of up to 1nm. Each system features a new high speed, no temperature-gradient furnace that guarantees optimum temperature control and reduces downtime between tests.

TA’s Dilatometers are high precision systems designed to measure dimensional changes of a specimen brought about by dynamic thermal events. They are used in a wide range of applications, including material science, ceramics, and metals. They excel in both research environments and production control processes.

Commenting on the introduction, Piero Scotto, High Temperature Product Manager at TA Instruments said, “This is the finest line of Dilatometers available on the market. The new system designs, combined with the differentiating technologies that are the core of each instrument, establish TA as a new market leader in this product space. TA Instruments offers the widest range of dilatometers that meet the requirements of all users, regardless of performance needs or budget.”

The new platform comprises of the DIL 830, a family of high resolution horizontal push rod dilatometers for the most accurate measurement of dimensional changes, the DIL 820, an innovative series of vertical push rod dilatometers for precise sintering studies, and the ODP 860, a multi-mode optical dilatometry platform for contact-less testing of samples.

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