New Calorimeter from TA Instruments

New Calorimeter from TA Instruments

TA Instruments announces the introduction of the all new TAM Air Microcalorimeter.

Delivering the performance, reliability, and ease-of-use that is the hallmark of TA Instruments products, the new TAM Air maintains its leadership position as the instrument of choice for the characterization of the heat of hydration of cement as described by the regulatory methods, ASTM C1702 and C1679, as well as a powerful microcalorimeter for use in a wide range of emerging applications.

Commenting on the introduction, Terry Kelly, President of TA Instruments said, “The new TAM Air is an exciting advancement in isothermal calorimetry. It makes vital measurements supporting R&D efforts and manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries. No other instrument can match the sensitivity, stability, and reproducibility of calorimetric measurements on the new TAM Air. It is another example of TA’s unwavering commitment to invest in and develop powerful new products for our customers. It is one of 26 new products TA has introduced over the last two years.”

The new TAM Air has all new performance specifications, delivering heat flow sensitivity and baseline drift specifications in the microwatt range. It can accommodate multi-calorimeter systems to enhance laboratory productivity. It has new software, electronics, and data acquisition capabilities to ensure that every TAM Air system has a long productive life in the laboratory.

The capabilities and flexibility of the new TAM Air make it an ideal platform for imaginative experimental design in a wide range of applications including: cement and concrete, materials science, foods, pharmaceuticals, and environmental analysis.

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