Guard LC Columns

Universal HPLC Guard Columns for HPLC Columns

SecurityGuard Standard Guard Cartridge System Column Protection is designed to fit any manufacturers’ standard HPLC column, making it the ultimate HPLC Guard Column. SecurityGuard Standard Guard Cartridge System is guaranteed to extend the lifetime of your 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.2 mm, 4.6 mm, and 7.8mm ID column by capturing sample contaminants that can cause an increase in backpressure and effect baseline noise.

  • Extends HPLC column lifetime
  • Won’t alter chromatography
  • Compatible with virtually all HPLC columns
  • Easy to determine when to change cartridge
  • Easy to use


Increases HPLC Column Lifetime, Guaranteed!

Simply replace SecurityGuard Standard cartridges instead of your expensive HPLC columns. In this graph, once the expired SecurityGuard Standard cartridge was replaced, the pressure immediately dropped and the column performance was restored allowing for extended column use.

Easy to Use

HPLC Guard Column

Make Your Selection

HPLC / SFC Columns Use: SecurityGuard Standard

  • All non core-shell and ≥ 3 µm particle columns (< 5,000 psi / 345 bar)


UHPLC & Core-shell Columns Use: SecurityGuard ULTRA

  • All core-shell and/or < 3 µm particle columns (< 20,000 psi / 1,378 bar)


Preparative HPLC / SFC Columns Use: SecurityGuard PREP

  • For Prep HPLC columns with 9.0 to 49.0 mm internal diameter (ID)

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