An entirely new process and execution-centric approach to Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) implementations


BIOVIA LIMS is purpose-built to manage 21st-century requirements for informatics supporting lab management processes . BIOVIA’s process- and execution-driven approach to LIMS deployments is fundamentally different from the sample-driven approach of traditional LIMS.

This entirely new approach to LIMS implementations eliminates the complexities, excessive customisation and lengthy associated validation requirements inherent with legacy LIMS—offering fast, “out-of-the-box” deployment capabilities, no custom coding, easy integration into existing software platforms and enterprise-wide data management capabilities. The result is streamlined deployments, a substantially lower total cost of ownership and rapid time to value.

By requiring no custom coding, providing automatic workflow validation and enabling flexible and fast deployment, BIOVIA LIMS solves the problems that sample-centric legacy LIMS have for too long failed to address. By focusing on process and execution, rather than samples, BIOVIA LIMS takes a flexible approach tailored to the business requirements of downstream operations and offers substantially lower total cost of ownership and rapid time to value.

No Custom Coding

Each BIOVIA LIMS application comes with Workflow Editors that eliminate tradition al software custom-coding processes, enabling your own internal system administrator to deploy needed applications, workflows and procedures using a simple drag-and-drop process and dialog interface. Start with one of the BIOVIA LIMS applications and simply add the others as needed. By eliminating the need for external consultants and programmers, this approach speeds system deployment while also lowering total cost of system installation and ongoing ownership.

Automatic Workflow Validation

When finished with the workflow editing, a single mouse click generates a complete validation document for the application, workflow or procedure created. Built-in compliance at the “core technology” level turns qualification/validation into a simple, fast document review with no need for external validation consultants, even in regulated environments.

Flexible, Fast Deployment

These key capabilities provide the shortest time to “go-live” in the LIMS industry. With only a few IT resources, plus BIOVIA’s implementation team, LIMS applications can be running and validated in only a few weeks to a few months. The system’s purpose-built workflow and compliance technologies, enabled by BIOVIA’s deep history in R&D, Quality and Manufacturing operations, reduce or eliminate LIMS customisation and configuration issues, making the applications truly easy to install and validate without external consultants or programmers.

The BIOVIA LIMS applications include the following commercial, off-the-shelf applications:

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