Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

Record, organise and secure experimental information to find, share and reuse critical knowledge globally

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) are rapidly becoming a core part of every laboratory operation in industries from pharmaceuticals, to chemicals, to consumer goods and more. ELNs streamline the documentation and protection of intellectual property, help scientists collaborate in increasingly global and networked activities from discovery to manufacturing, and make scientific data and observations associated with experimentation easier to search, find and use.

An ELN can be more than just simply an electronic version of a paper laboratory notebook. It provides additional value through use of data and information, the creation and maintenance of a knowledge repository, and improved efficiency in the laboratory. With an ELN you can record, organize and secure experimental information to find, share and reuse critical knowledge globally.

Benefits of an ELN:

  • Protect IP - document invention and innovation for patent filings, defense, and interferences
  • Collaborate locally or globally within and between departments
  • Reduce compliance risks and improve data quality
  • Cut cycle times by 50% - reducing the time spent looking for data
  • Lower costs by 25% - eliminating repeat experiments
  • Improve productivity by 25% - removing non-value added manual activities and human errors

BIOVIA as the leading provider of ELNs offers solutions for different user requirements when moving from paper and Excel to an electronic solution:

BIOVIA Notebook for IP Protection, Collaboration and Easy Deployment (Formerly Contur ELN)

BIOVIA Notebook is an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy electronic lab notebook solution for IP protection and collaboration on-premises or cloud.

BIOVIA Notebook can be deployed out-of-the-box, on-premises as a client-server installation or in the cloud. It has very rapid deployment and adoption times and doesn’t require extensive IT and informatics support. It is scalable and is equally suited for small user groups such as individual labs or project teams as well as for enterprise-wide implementations covering 1,000s of users. BIOVIA Notebook is designed to easily and accurately store, search, re-use, share, and protect data and entries. It is easy to configure and the simple and intuitive user interface significantly reduces training time.

BIOVIA Notebook improves the collaboration between users at any domain in any science-based industry and helps to protect the real value of an organisation - its Intellectual Property. Likewise it supports users to improve information sharing and reuse, to streamline process documentation, and to improve the overall productivity.


BIOVIA Workbook for Workflow Support, Integration, and Regulatory Compliance (Formerly Symyx ELN)

BIOVIA Workbook is a multi-discipline electronic lab notebook to document and manage the flow of information, tasks and materials within and between labs.

BIOVIA Workbook includes strong integration capabilities and workflow support and provides multiple discipline-specific tools with a great depth of features and functionalities that allow the deployment in multiple domains. The tight integration with instruments and other informatics applications allows BIOVIA Workbook to seamlessly embed the Workbook into a customer’s informatics environment supporting and automating specific workflows. It is scalable and is suitable for the deployment in a small department as well as for enterprise-wide implementations.

BIOVIA Workbook automates and improves the workflow within and between laboratories. Customers can streamline their laboratory processes and documentation, improve their collaboration and collective intelligence, and minimise compliance risks.

BIOVIA LES for GxP Compliant Procedure Execution in the QA/QC Lab

BIOVIA LES is the leading Laboratory Execution System within GxP operations and for supporting regulatory submissions. It delivers transformation productivity for QA/QC labs supporting common workflows such as material testing for recipes, stability testing, product release testing and post-release quality testing,

BIOVIA LES provides lab analysts with an electronic environment to remove paper process and automate the interaction with methods, instruments, and supplies that scientists and analysts use every day in a compliant and controlled way.

BIOVIA LES optimises Quality Assurance/Quality Control operations by reducing cycle times by 50% and costs by 25% while also significantly reducing regulatory compliance risks within Good Manufacturing Practice environments.

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