Compact Solutions for Winery Wastewater Treatment

Winery wastewater management is critical for its commercial and environmental performance as it can have great impact on vineyards and on grape production.

Wine production consumes large amounts of water, which is converted into wastewater.

Some of those activities are:

  • Clean in-place activities, wastewater that comes from site cleaning.
  • Tank and equipment washing.
  • Bottling activities, wastewater produced from sterilizing bottles.
  • Cooling Water, usually produced if there isn’t a closed-circuit cooling

Winery wastewater streams are characterized, with high organic load, suspended solids, acidic or alkaline pH and high concentration of nutrients.


Environmental Impact

The main impacts of disposing untreated wine wastewater are:

  • Eutrophication
  • Soil and water toxicity
  • Odors
  • Reduction of soil productivity


Benefits of processing and reusing your winery byproducts

  • Reuse for irrigation, therefore, reduce water consumption.
  • Enrich soil with recycled nutrients.
  • Reduce Odor.
  • Avoid fines and gain profit.
  • Have full control of your process remotely.

In Greener Than Green Technologies, we offer customized solutions to treat and reuse the produced wastewater of your winery.











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