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Solutions for Production and Quality Control in Your Winery

You work hard to define your wine's unique flavor-profile, texture and mouthfeel. You invest years to grow and harvest your grapes, ferment your juice and age and blend your wines. The result, a clear, bright, chemically and biologically stable wine - no haze, no cloudiness and no sediment. For this, all wines rely on filtration. Don’t let contaminants affect the quality of your wine. Contaminants that can significantly impact your wine's quality include:

  • Crystals
  • Treatment residues
  • Organic aggregates
  • Bacteria and yeast

Sartorius offers filtration and quality control (QC) solutions to help you master the art of winemaking, mitigate risks in the process and ensure peace of mind when creating and marketing your wine.


Quality Control: Where the Art of Good Wine Making Meets Quality Control

The art of winemaking is a challenging business. It can take generations to create an exceptional wine but you only have a few weeks to produce it. No errors should occur in this short phase so the wine can mature without any complications.

From wine to barrel, to bottle, to cellar – Sartorius’ dedicated Quality Control solutions for winemaking help you create the perfect vintage for generations to come.


Production: Filtration systems that ensure pure, top quality wine

Our filtration systems ensure the highest quality and microbiological purity of your wines – red, white, rose or sparkling. We have designed a product range specifically for wine. It provides an optimal solution for every filtration step along the way to final filtration. Match and enhance your own wine-manufacturing expertise. Benefit from Sartorius’ expertise and experience, confident in second-to-none filtration. 

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