Production & Quality Control of Bottled Water


Bottled water is the best-selling soft drink in the world, deemed healthier and safer than other beverages. Living up to this claim has its challenges and your customers expect your bottled water to be fresh-tasting and contaminant-free. You need reliable and consistent tools and technologies to produce a quality product, free of any pathogenic organisms and chemicals that could prove a risk to consumers.

 Sartorius offers filtration systems for high throughput, durability and error-free operation as well as quality control (QC) tools to ensure microbiological safety and compliance with local regulations. We help you produce a top quality product, so you can focus on protecting consumers and your brand.




High Throughput Quality Control Solutions for Bottled Water

High standards. High throughput. Consumers and legislation are demanding ever-increasing levels of safety and quality for bottled water. Your challenge is ensuring cost-effective, efficient and contamination-free operation from factory to shelf to meet the growing demand for the world’s most popular drink. 

Smart, ready-to-use Quality Control systems by Sartorius provide all you need to meet these requirements. Quick and convenient– for the purest water quality.


Filtration systems that ensure pure water

Our filtration systems, using pre-filters and final filters, ensure the highest quality and microbiological purity of your water, whether it’s still or sparkling, spring, mineral or purified water. Each product provides high throughput with 100% security to meet your specific requirements. Match and enhance your own water-production expertise. Benefit from Sartorius’ expertise and experience, confident in second-to-none filtration.

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