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Distilled spirits can have various process steps, depending on the actual spirt type. All distilled spirits start with a liquid formula of raw materials such as fruit, sugar-cane, grains, grapes and even potatoes. By adding yeast that feeds on the sugar in the raw materials, the desired alcohol is produced along with Carbon Dioxide, that’s fermentation. The alcohol is subsequently separated and removed and that’s distillation. Much like the winemaker or brewer, the art of the distiller is to create his very own blend that results a unique and distinctive spirit.

Sartorius offers production technologies and quality control (QC) tools for cost-effective production and consistent quality of your spirits.



Quality Control: Quality Control Solutions for Spirit Distillation

Spirits are not prone to microbial contamination due to the high alcohol content, yet contamination can still occur in distilleries resulting in product spoilage or diminished ethanol efficiency. Routine testing at different points in production is key; from raw materials, to production and proofing water through to ambient air in the bottling area.

Trust your spirits with routine QC testing from Sartorius.

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