Moisture Analysis

Determination of Cannabis Moisture Content

Flexible, Fully Automated, Easy to Use Infrared Moisture Analyzer MA 160 for Fast, Reliable and Traceable Results

Super-fast determination of the moisture content of Cannabis is a crucial indicator of potential microbial contamination. Unlike synthetically produced drugs, the cannabis plant is more susceptible to diseases and contaminants. In particular, poor drying of the plants during drug extraction processes can lead to mold or fungal infestation, which in turn may pose a risk to the health of the consumer, particularly those with immunodeficiencies. Properly dried cannabis contains 10 to 12 percent moisture. To avoid moisture contents above 12 percent, which make dried cannabis more prone to mold, you need to precisely determine the moisture content for, example by means of  highly accurate, user-friendly moisture analyzers.

Do you need accurate measurements to determine the water content in cured cannabis, raw cannabis, edible cannabis, or CBD products for quality control? Do you need accurate moisture results during sample preparation for analytics of active ingredients, such as cannabinoids or terpenes, or for CO2 extraction without waiting for hours?  Then say goodbye to time-consuming measurements with a drying oven and opt in on using a fully automatic moisture analyzer instead.

Moisture is an important process parameter for the processing of cannabis, either to monitor the curing process or before the extraction of cannabis, where certain moisture limits must not be exceeded or undercut.

Moisture not only effects shelf-life and taste sensation but can also affect the percentage of THC in cannabis products, as moisture is a substantial part of the total weight. If the moisture changes, the percentage of the THC also changes, as the total amount of THC remains constant.

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