Analytical Cannabis Testing

Analytical Cannabis Testing with Best in Class Sample Prep and Data Integrity

Accurate and Consistent Lab Work Deserves Reliable and Precise Equipment

Are you testing for pesticides, mycotoxins, residual solvents, heavy metals, terpenes or cannabinoids? You can have the highest sensitivity and performance in terms of your analytical equipment but are your samples up to scratch? The quality of your results will largely depend on the quality of the samples as the best analysis starts with the best sample prep. We can help.

Testing of cannabis products from dried flowers to edibles is highly regulated and as state and country rules evolve, the requirements imposed on laboratories continue to grow.  To meet these new and more stringent demands, regardless of what you’re analyzing, you’ll need robust and reliable lab equipment to perform your daily lab tasks and to guarantee consumer safety.

  • Specify mass and moisture content of your samples using precise balances and super-fast moisture analyzers
  • Use ultrapure water to prepare your samples and run your chromatography tests
  • Flow your work with robust and accurate pipettes, tips and bottle top dispensers
  • Simply and safely remove solids from your sample with syringe filters and centrifuges
  • Choose from a range of analytical and precision balances that not only deliver the best weighing results but focus on making your analytical workflows more efficient, reliable and ergonomic. 

With 150 year track record, Sartorius smart solutions will help you keep your processes and products under control. As a manufacturer of intelligent premium lab tools for sample preparation, we can help you build efficient workflows and improve your data integrity for your Cannabis analysis while you concentrate on achieving high quality results and safe products.

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