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Pounding Mill

The Pounding Mill from Cybernetik Technologies is a type of vibratory mill used for fine milling of medium to hard material in the agro process industry. Traditional grinding and size reduction mills cause the heating up of the material that is being ground. In the case of spices, this leads to its oil being released and flavor being lost. The Pounding Mill by Cybernetik is a continuously operated mill equipped with a cooling jacket around it. The high frequency vibrations are used to excite the rods inside the horizontal cylinders causing the size reduction of the spices while preserving its flavor.

Cybernetik is a pioneer in the application of this technology for the spice processing industry and has a proven track record in the implementation of the pounding mill in many spice manufacturers.




The Vibro-sifter mainly comprises of the following parts:

  • Top cone
  • Bottom cone
  • Sieve Mesh
  • Trolley with Castor wheels

The vibratory sieve consists of an assembly mounted on a MS.trolley with castor wheels. The sieve has a vibratory motor and the motor with the sieve is mounted on four coil springs. The sieve is integrated into the product conveying line and is suitable for sieving the product in-line during product conveying.
The sieve has mesh screen of desired size encapsulated in lead free silicon gaskets on either side, and an output is given at the periphery.
Two sight glasses are provided on the top cone for visual inspection during sieving of the product.
For cleaning, the top and bottom cone can be easily dismantled by loosening the wing nuts. The vibrating sieve should be electrically disconnected before cleaning with water / solvent etc.
While the screen of the sieve is vibrating, the material which is present on the screen gets shuffled and the material smaller than the size of mesh falls into the hopper. Thus, only the material of desired size is discharged into the hopper.
If at any time the sieve gets choked, the sieve will not get damaged. To prevent such a situation, a hose has been connected between the top cone and bottom cone against the vacuum.



Microjet Mill

Cybernetik Technologies offers state of the art Micro jet milling system in association with world leader Fluid Energy Equipment Company, USA.

This system offers range of Microjet and Jet-O-Mizer vertical jet mill combined with loss in weight feeder, collection units and host of controls.



New U Type Basket Granulator provides trouble free granulation of your wet and dry material. This Granulator provides step-less speed control, selection of baskets and rotors for optimum performance
Further, all parts are easily accessible for cleaning.
Granulator is mounted on an easy to move trolley and can be connected directly online to a Centrifuge or ANF for wet granulation. This granulator can also be adapted for granulation of dry products such as tray dried material or granulation of raw materials. Rates up to 3000 kg/hr are possible with 10 mm dia opening screen. Drive system consists of rugged spindle with sealed geared motor. This simple layout allows in-line material flow while providing easy pull out access for cleaning and maintenance. There are no complicated maintenance procedures or seals to replace.
Optional Nitrogen blanketing during granulation is offered.





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